Backasswards Surf City Council Candidate Already Did Prison Time

The Orange County Register reported yesterday that Gregg DeLong, who hopes to join Huntington Beach's storied city council, went to prison in 2001 for his role in an extortion scam. DeLong, the Reg reported, was “sentenced to three months in prison by a Pittsburgh federal judge” after being convicted of “soliciting $11,451 in kickbacks from Pittsburgh-based ATM Corp. of America,” which did business with DeLong's company, Costa Mesa's DiTech. According to the article, DeLong and two other DiTech execs also “threatened to stop doing business with ATM unless the company put an executive's father-in-law on the payroll.”

What's up, DeLong? Don't you know you're supposed to wait until you're already in office before you start committing felonies? Trust us: we know, but if you need any additional career advice just ask former councilmembers Dave Garofalo and Pam Houchen. You're welcome.

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