Baby Hewie Can't Get His Manmade Catastrophes Straight

Conservatives are livid about Nevada Senator Harry Reid's remarks that “coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick,” and none is dumber with his analysis than OC's own talk-show blabbermouth, Hugh Hewitt. Instead of acknowledging that fossil fuels ain't exactly smelling roses (and if you don't believe that, Hugh, try living in Wilmington or San Pedro instead of Irvine), Hewie categorizes it as Reid “declaim[ing] against two giant and productive industries that employ hundreds of thousands of Americans.” Shit, so does the porno industry, Hugh, but I don't see you defending its merits.

Hewie couldn't shut up, though. Following that blog entry, he posted a picture of a dead crocodile in Australia. “Perhaps this Aussie croc got too close to coal?” Hewie guffawed. “Nope. It was the toads.” AHAHAHAHA!

Of course, Hewie conveniently forgets to mention what kind of toads they are: cane toads, introduced to Australia in 1935 and devastating the continent's ecosystems ever since. A manmade, preventable environmental disaster…nah, no parallels with the fossil-fuel dilemma there, Hugh!

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