Argentina’s Babasonicos are ten albums in and still confidently exploring a sound that combines glam swagger and wit—although Bryan Ferry is now a staunch supporter of the English fox hunt, surely his younger self would appreciate the hooks and pointed humor of the class-vs.-class wrestling match video for Babasonico’s dreamy “Deshoras”—with a pop sensibility that’s as deep as it is broad. (Like the Pacific Ocean, people!) Newest A Proposito is full of glowing guitar and choruses that unfold, and the hint of autotune on singer Adrian Dargelos’ voice is as smooth and sweet as honey. It’s a slick and masterful album, proving Babasonicos still know how to take a little bit of everything (like the unexpected fuzz and surf sounds on “Flora Y Fauno”) and make it their own.

Wed., Nov. 2, 7 p.m., 2011

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