Awkward Backup Dancer In 'Friday' Video Now Has Her Own Music Video–and Teen Nonprofit

Oh, Rebecca Black. You're the gift that keeps on giving. Not only have you parlayed your “worst video on earth” fame via “Friday” into a Katy Perry cameo and a VMAs appearance, you've also catapulted your awkward friends into the same kind of fame formerly reserved for Real Housewives and moms of multiple kids. 

And so yes, Bennet “Benni” Cinkle, whom we've talked about before as “the bracefaced girl in pink who flails her arms awkwardly in the back of a convertible as Black sings epic lyrics such as 'Fun, fun/think about fun/you know what it is'” now has her own music video. 
And (surprise!) like Rebecca Black's earnest effort, “My Moment,” it's a song with a positive teen message about bullying, believing in yourself, and blah blah blah you get the drift. Called “Can You See Me Now,” Black's former Anaheim Hills schoolmate is just as heavily AutoTuned and, well, warbles along just as badly as her cohort.
Apparently, because of all the nastiness that was wrought by the “Friday” video, Cinkle was inspired to launch the That Girl in Pink Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, involvement, and donations for “causes that affect kids.” It seems like a vast chasm of helpful stuff can get fit that description, so while you're mulling that over,  watch the video after the jump.


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