Awesome Halloween Light Show: A Reason to Drive to Riverside Tonight

​If you're looking for something epic to do on this Halloween Monday, there's one final chance to see that insane homemade light show that's been all over the Internet. In person. 
You may have read the story and the logistics. A dad named Kevin Judd, aka KJ92508, started tricking out his suburban Riverside home for Halloween in 2008, and things got more elaborate every year after. This time around, he produced a complete and utter mindfuck, with strobes, floods and pumpkin faces made of LED lights flashing along to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO (who filmed a commercial outside the house on Saturday) and “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Judd told the Los Angeles Times that it takes him 15 hours to program one minute of music. 


Even though an average of 2,000 people have packed the streets each night to watch the holiday extravaganza, Judd tells the Times that his neighbors don't hate him. Well, even if they do, there's only one more night of the madness. 
Shows tonight will run from sundown to 9 p.m., according to Judd's YouTube channel. He has asked people not to publish the address, so we won't, buuuut you can find it with a simple Google search. If you go, go early and expect to park far, far away.  
You'll see this–live: 

And this:

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