“Avenger Jesus” Arrives to Defeat Trump, Tea Party and Christian Conservatives

Defeating Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and the Westboro Baptist Church God Hates Fags crew on screen is not enough for the creators of Avenger Jesus: The Social Justice Mobile Game.

The Avenger Jesus Game Series company is also taking aim at teabaggers and assorted Christian conservatives with sale proceeds and advertising revenues, the founders claim.

“We are using right-wing tactics, pushing the bounds of free speech to further the cause for equality before it’s too late” is how co-creator Joey DeLoach puts it in a company press release.

Funds derived from in-app purchases or ad watching will be channeled directly to charities that support LGBT rights, women’s equality and more, the company claims.

“We want to create a paradigm shift in the mobile game industry; we call it ‘Capitalism for Charity,'” says the other co-creator, Ryan Earls. “Ideally we want to see a portion of the $20 billion in gaming revenue that for-profit companies make each year diverted to charities. Our games were created as the vehicle to do that.”

Jesus DeNazareth is the hero of the shoot-em-up style action game that is to also include puzzle board games and others styled after Candy Crush and The Photo Hunt.

The creators, who are based in Tallahassee, Florida, say their new game will soon be available on iOS and Android, although an Indiegogo campaign was launched to fund completion.

Depending on the size of the donation, contributors will get perks ranging from a “WWAJD?” bracelet to having their likenesses included in the final game.

“The Avenger Jesus project interests me as it hits close to home in more ways than one,” says company spokeswoman Rai Quartley, a bisexual actress and LGBT advocate. “My passion is helping bring about equality-and I hope others agree and will work with us to make this revolutionary game a reality.”

The revolution is starting slow. As of Tuesday afternoon—or about halfway into the 45-day campaign—$10 had been pledged.

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