Automated Inhalation Regulation Meets Vape Technology With hmbldt

Courtesy of hmbldt

According to Gunner Winston, hmbldt’s chief executive officer, his company uses pioneering vape technology to create a product based on the medical needs of the patient. Thus, hmbldt offers a dose control vaporization device—the company’s flagship product.

With each three-second inhale, the hmbldt dose pen releases exactly 2.25 milligrams before a small vibration signals the shut-off, at which point one must inhale again to ingest a higher dosage. Because of this intake-regulation mechanism they’re able to guarantee over 200 exact doses per pen. In addition, they choose not to focus on various combinations of indicas, sativas and hybrids but rather formulations of THC, CBD and terpenes, all offering various feelings of bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arousal and passion, but without the psychoactive affects.

Grown and sourced in Humboldt County, hmbldt plants undergo a multi-step fractional distilled method with CO2 extraction. “Throughout our process we actually test the product four to five times because we do have a commitment to our patients, to only offer them clean products, pesticide free,” he explained. “That is just a brand commitment that we feel obligated to make, to give our customers the quality of product they deserve.” And they have available test results to prove it.

Hmbldt hopes to change the language spoken and the stigma some people have about the use of cannabis, bring it into a positive light and maybe skeptical people will be more inclined to try it for medical purposes. Many patients are stuck using serious prescriptions with harmful side effects and these guys know there’s no solution for that, so they’re here simply to offer an alternative to therapy and “bring health and happiness to hundreds and thousands and millions of people all over the world.”

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