Author: I Tried to Save Jesse James' Marriage, But Sandra Bullock Blocked Me

A male escort-turned-relationship coach claims he saw signs of Jesse James' cheating ways, tried to help save the West Coast Choppers CEO's marriage but was “sabotaged” by Sandra Bullock.

Anthony Clark–who says he has been an author, professional speaker and “dating & relationship coach”
for 15 years–claims he met James a few years ago at Gold's Fitness Club in Long Beach. By Clark's telling, the pair built up a rapport. The marriage ref now says he spotted right away that James was prone to cheating.

“Jesse James was a great guy, and I truly believed that he loved Sandra Bullock, but I knew it would be difficult for him to remain faithful to her,” Clark says. “I liked Jesse James a lot and did not want to see him screw up his marriage. Although I never told him why I was giving it to him, I gave him a copy of my relationship book that teaches men how to build successful relationships . . . without having to cheat and lie to women.”

Clark claims that a few weeks later, James gave the book a greasy thumbs up. The author quotes the former Monster Garage host saying, “The book was good and fucking funny, too. But I didn't finish it because my old lady got pissed off when she saw the title and made me throw it away.”

The title? How to Get Over That Bitch and Grow Balls They Can't Resist.

Wow, how could Sandy have a problem with that?

When news broke about James' affairs, Clark says he was saddened. The Long Beach resident also found it ironic that Bullock made her hubby toss the book that could have saved her marriage.

Just because a stupid title offended her.

Clark hopes other wives won't do the same if they find his book that teaches “the
masculine way to leave, love, and attract women
” on their hubbys' nightstands.

“There are so many men who are going through a similar experience . . . they are just not dealing with in front of the media like Jesse James and Tiger Woods are,” Clark says. “It's time for the world to realize that monogamy is not working for most men in today's society.”

He claims How to Get Over That Bitch and Grow Balls They Can't
, which he co-wrote with his wife Melanie Clark, allows men and women to achieve romantic and sexual fulfillment “without fear, ridicule or deceit.”

Ridicule and deceit do spring to mind when considering the timing of Clark's revelations about Sunset Beach's most famous ex-couple.

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