Australian “Surfers Chef” Opens Outpost Kitchen in Costa Mesa

What is Outpost Kitchen? If you've been following its Instagram, you'd only be able to assume it serves espressos, breakfasts, and the occasional fish. If you looked at its website, you'd see these words:


But if you actually dug into the Instagram again and read the posts, you'd see the person behind it is Andre Sickinger, who is from Australia and carries the label “Surfers Chef”, something he calls himself on his own website.


Output Kitchen opened a few weeks ago in Costa Mesa, at 1792 Monrovia Ave., an industrial section of town and on the pictures of the menus I've seen, he does indeed offer coffees (including an Australian flat white), and a few dishes that are actually Paleo, but also braised beef on sourdough with baked tomatoes, mixed greens, grano padano and cilantro dressing.

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