[Aural Reports] Producer/Remixer Wes the Mess Readies Releases From His Dana Point 'Cave'

Another Fine Mess
Producer/remixer Wes the Mess readies releases from his Dana Point ‘cave’


Wes the Mes and production/remix partner Scotty Coats will be the first Californians to release a record through New York tastemaker label DFA when their Double Fisted 12-inch is reissued this month on the newly merged Rong Music/DFA. (Next up: LA’s Woolfy.) But in between releases, you’ll find the Mes holed up in the Dana Point studio he proudly calls his “cave,” where he produces, records, writes, remixes, designs websites and contemplates the soothing light from a 4-foot glowing pyramid.


Why does disco not suck?

That’s a tough one to answer.

You can say it does suck.

I can tell you why I love it, but I can’t tell you why it doesn’t suck.

Even better.

A lot of music I grew up with was coming around right before disco really came to be. And there were so many elements in the music and the times. For disco to be created was a real major release for people. Before, it was your main genres, and that’s all there was. The scene, the clubs, the parties—they needed their sound! A lot of people out there don’t realize that stuff is being made on the now kind of tip, but for people who do know, they’re lucky! It’s the sound of the people who wanna get out there and rage!

What’s the most political disco song you ever heard?

I’m surprised I haven’t heard something from the election. Maybe I’ll make one. What’s the one with the duck? That’s as close as it gets.

Where do you go in Orange County to enjoy perfect silence?

My cave.

What’s the caviest aspect of your cave?

My 4-foot-tall glowing pyramid. I looked long and hard to acquire it.

What ancient temple did you get ?it from?

Some place in London. Customs were tripping—“What is this for?” I told them it’s a lamp. “See the bulbs?”

Do you require pyramid-shaped light to create?

It brings some necessary energy to the room. Otherwise, it’d be pitch black.

What project is sitting in front of you right this second?

An album I’m working on called MIDI Time. I’m taking all these hit pop songs—major mainstream stuff—from the past and redoing them all electronic. Most are from scratch, but for some, I cheat a little. Right now, I’ve got Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Mak’er,” Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” and Bob Marley’s “Natural Mystic.”

Who translates best?

Considering how it came out, Michael Jackson. I slowed everything down, a totally different vibe.

What song by an OC artist would you most like to remix?

Because I’m such a big fan and he’s so close to me, Jud Nester! And we’re both underground junkies who aren’t peeking our heads above ground too much.

You’re a huge Oingo Boingo fan—do you know if Danny Elfman lives in OC?

If he does, I’ll hunt him down! I’d also say HumanLab—I just met those guys, and their album is unbelievable.

How did you come to put out a Mars Volta remix on a flash drive?

Purely out of what I believe is part of my trip—a friend that had stayed here ended up meeting Cedric, and she’d been here plenty of times to be infected by my music.

So you’re like the flu?

It is like the flu—it’s thick, you know? He wanted a CD, and then called me to do the remix. Easy answer, purely from people wanting to share.

Where will you debut your reissued Double Fisted in Orange County?

Probably Avalon—that’s the home of Double Fisted.

What will you eat before?

Maybe Alejandro’s.


I gotta be safe, so maybe a bean-and-cheese burrito or something.

Where will you go after?

Depending if I can walk out the door or not? Usually what happens when I go to Avalon is I leave it in the hands of others.

So you’re a team player.

Absolutely. Funny you ask—I was just thinking about a friend of mine who isn’t a team player, and it got me thinking, “Man, I really am!”


Wes the Mes and Scotty Coats’ Double Fisted is out Tues. on Rong/DFA at www.rongmusic.net or www.dfarecords.com. Visit www.myspace.com/westhemessenger for more information.

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