Augustin Sanchez Goes From Cuddling Ex-Girlfriend to Cuddling Jail Bunk Pillow

Face it, we've all drunk dialed our exes, or driven by their addresses or possibly even gone up to the step, knocked on the door and proceeded to make asses out of ourselves.

But Augustin Sanchez took the pleasebabypleasebabyplease rap waaaay too far early Sunday, his path to jail beginning when he drunkenly cut through the
screen window of his girlfriend's bedroom window.

Lover boy allegedly pushed his way inside the residence in the unincorporated El Modena area of Orange, crawled into
her bed as she slept, cuddled with her and tried to remove her
underwear. She awoke to discover not the fulfillment of her dreams (a.k.a. Mario Lopez) but her stinkin' drunk ex, so stinkin' drunk that she managed to quietly slip away and call the cops.

Sanchez was still sitting there when Orange County sheriff's deputies responding to the 6:30 a.m. call arrived. He was held on suspicion of burglary, sexual assault and being in dire need of someone to hug.

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