Attention, Teabaggers: Coffee Bean to Debut OC-Specific Chai and Coffee

On Feb. 28, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores throughout Orange County will be selling two new blends, one coffee and one tea, that the company says will “capture the true spirit” of our unique county. OC Blend Coffee is “a light citrus aroma with a malty flavor, smooth body and a caramel finish” that will retail for $9.95. Orange County Sunshine Blend Tea is described as an oolong blend with “sweetly scented orange blossoms” and “a tart hint of orange zest.”

For every bag of the coffee and tea sold, Coffee Bean will donate $1 to
various Orange County schools, at which the cash will help pay for
everything from computer labs and art supplies to music and science

The Weekly is supposed to receive samples of the new blends any day now, so we haven't had the opportunity to do a taste test. But this particular writer–attention, equal-opportunity hype alert–is eager to see if the Orange County Sunshine tea has any similarity to its apparent, hallucinogenic namesake, Orange Sunshine LSD. Assuming it doesn't, one does have to wonder, though, what the corporate marketing folks were thinking when they came up with that name. . . . It's just one “county” away from the biggest trip of your drinking career.

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