Attention, Target Mission Viejo Shoppers: Pets Are Delicious Meat!

Shoppers at the Mission Viejo Target store got an eyeful recently thanks to a minivan in the parking lot with this message on the back window:

“Pets are delicious meat.”

Actually, it really comes down to the sauce but … I mean … along the back bumper was the answer to readers' obvious WTF? question:


Reddit has a photo of the minivan (or see the update below) and the explanation that the driver parked in the red zone in front of the store with his hazard lights on and chatted up passersby.

His message boils down to (sorry) this: people treat their pets like God, so they must get rid of the beasts … one bite at a time.

The aforementioned provides some bible verses and this video that appears to be shot in a police station interrogation room, where the fellow begins by informing, “In Switzerland, which is in Europe, they eat dogs and cats. In Canada they eat dogs and it's not against the law to sell or eat dog meat. Please take the time to read Genesis 9:1-6 where God commanded the nations to begin eating animals:”

He goes on to rant against “bible-believing preachers, especially Calvary Chapel pastors who can't even imagine that they have their own false teachings which they are spreading everywhere.” No argument there, although my favorite part is still ” “In Switzerland, which is in Europe …”

Props to helping America's geography-challenged public school graduates. Meanwhile, does anyone have a recipe for what to do with my now former cat Gizmo's gizzards?

UPDATE, APRIL 21, 11 A.M.: A reader submitted the following freeway photo and swears not to have been behind the wheel when it was snapped:

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