Atlantis 2011: The Show Will Go On, With Less Stages and Earlier Closing Time

First things first: Rumors going around that the electronic event Atlantis 2011 is cancelled are not true. The show, which will have Dash Berlin, Headhunterz, DJ Isaac, Heatbeat, Miles Dyson, Starkillers, Swanky Tunes, Mord Fustang, Cookie Monsta, Chaosphere and 6blocc spinning, will go on as scheduled tomorrow at Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado.

However, producers Motive Events sent out an announcement saying they've had to change the structure of the event due to pressure from the Orange County Sheriff's office and a bias against electronic dance music events (that's EDM to you). Instead of three stages, organizers will be combining area 2 and area 3 (electro house and dubstep) and closing the event at 2 a.m. instead of 3 a.m. Read the full statement after the jump.

We regret to inform our fans that due to overwhelming pressure from the
Orange County Sheriffs office, and our lawyers, Motive Events and its
partners have been forced to make changes to this years “Atlantis
festival” in order to continue with the show.

Motive Events and its
managing partners strive to create memorable EDM events year after year.
We believe in our hearts that EDM events stand for and represent
American freedom. Freedom to dance, freedom to express, freedom to play,
and freedom to exist on your terms.

We always believed that dance
events should be open to EVERYONE regardless of age, race, gender,
attire, or preference.

In 2011 Motive Events and the rest of
california's EDM production companies have been forced to make
restrictions. Restrictions on age, restrictions on attire, restrictions
on expression. Motive has fought all year against these restrictions.
Well this fight has finally caught up to us. Due to the stigma that EDM
events bring and the reputation our scene currently has, it has become
severely difficult to produce larger events in southern california.

rising police and security costs have forced us to make changes to our
“Atlantis Festival”. We will be combining area 2 and area 3 in order for
the police to “contain the event safely” and to cut down on city fees
and over time reimbursement.

All headliners for each of those areas are
still scheduled to play, however some supporting acts have been cut or
rescheduled for future events due to time restraints. The Orange County
Sheriffs Department also does not feel comfortable with the event going
till 3am. We do not feel it is a fight we can win. With that being said
we have chosen to close the event at 2am. Time slots and a new map will
be on our website tonight. We apologize for these inconveniences but the
show must go on…

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