Atheists Unveil Valentine's Day-Tinged Billboard

You don't really need an occasion for Backyard Skeptics to unveil a provocative billboard, but the Fountain Valley-based group of atheists and assorted non-believers does have a special Valentine's Day version going up in Westminster with this message:

“Atheists make better lovers–after all, no one is watching.”

The billboard that features an image of the feet of a snuggling couple in bed can be watched from where the 22 and 405 freeways come together as well as the parking lot of the American Legion Hall at 14582 Beach Blvd., Westminster, where a press conference begins at 4:30 this afternoon to unveil the spectacle.

Backyard Skeptics, which worked in conjunction with American Atheists from New York for the billboard, claims that recent studies show that atheists have better sex, safer sex and fewer extra-marital affairs.   

“Atheists make better lovers because they have less guilt about sex, while people believing in religious superstitions attach a negative aspect to sex,” says Bruce Gleason, the Backyard Skeptics founder. “We do not think a supernatural deity is watching us–neither in life nor in bed.”

If that's the case, there's also no one to answer orgasmic yelps of “Oh, God!”

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