AT&T and Disneyland Join Forces to Bring the Sound of Silence to Anaheim Resort

AT&T? Not a fan. The company has been my home, wireless Internet provider for years, and for years my home, wireless Internet has … what's the word for more sucky than sucks? The best part: the only choice other than AT&T in my neighborhood is broadband. Two things: that company, which I won't name because I don't want to get sued so let's just say it rhymes with Slime Corner, is equally loathed by customers. And I refuse to pay for anything that helps fund those Bill Cowher commercials. But back to AT&T, my experiences are why I won't bundle my cell-phone service with them. So, good luck, Disneyland!


“AT&T is mobilizing the magic at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort,” the telecom company just announced. “AT&T and Disney have teamed up to provide an enhanced network experience for guests and cast members. AT&T's toolset provides improved network connectivity at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.”

Oh, yeah, sure it does.

AT&T says it has deployed indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems, repeaters and small cells on a large scale at the parks “to help densify their network coverage.”

Reminds me of the AT&T repairman who, years ago, thought he solved my absolutely horrible home, wireless Internet by “densifying” my system. This was done by deactivating all the phone jacks in the house except one, under the theory that the lone jack would be supercharged to provide better wireless Internet.

That didn't work. Still sucks. And now I only have one working phone jack. But I'm sure the expanded new AT&T connectivity at the Anaheim resort–which extends to Downtown Disney and the Mouse's hotels–will be just swell.

My Pinocchio nose grows now …

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