At the Farmers' Market: Sausage

I used to work in far north Glendale, near the border of Montrose. One of the joys of being up there was the existence of Schreiner's, a German sausage and meat shop with a small deli on one side where you could buy cheap, amazing sandwiches, and Berolina Bakery, the only Swedish bakery in L.A., right next door for semla and prinsesstarta and limpa bread.

I don't have a Swedish bakery fix in OC, but I still have Schreiner's. The Bell family, friends of the Schreiners, come down to OC, bringing with them an array of delicious sausages.


The Landjäger finds its way into an awful lot of my cooking as a base
flavor. It's fantastic cubed and thrown into a bowl of steamed English
peas, or cut en julienne and tossed with pearl onions and Blue
Lake green beans.

Their bratwurst, simmered in beer (despite arriving to the market fully
cooked) and then grilled, go perfectly with hot German mustard and
Krugermann's sauerkraut, both of which are sold at the stand.

The sandwich I crave most often is a baguette from Picket Lane Bakery,
cut in half and spread with Schreiner's Braunschweiger liverwurst and
topped with sharp cornichons or sliced onions for some textural

Finally, if there's a product that Schreiner's sells that isn't normally
brought down, all you have to do is place an order at the stand and
pick it up the following visit. I had an enormous Black Forest ham sent
down for Easter: no muss, no fuss, and no stressful lines at Honeybaked.

You can buy Schreiner's products every Saturday morning at the Irvine
certified farmers' market at Bridge Rd. and Campus Dr., and alternate
Sunday mornings at the Belmont Shores / Long Beach Southeast market on
Marina Dr. just south of 2nd St.
If you're up in L.A., you can visit the store at 3417 Ocean View Blvd., Glendale.

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