¡Ask a Mexican! on Radio Now to Occur Monthly, Exclusively on The Tom Leykis Show

Last month, I appeared on The Tom Leykis Show for the first time in years, partly because he left terrestrial radio in 2009, and also because I didn't have time all last year to make the trek up to his bunker in Burbank to do his latest incarnation. But going on was a blast–unencumbered by FCC regulations, I was able to do my ¡Ask a Mexican! spiel the way I do it in my columna, with all the pinche pendejos one could ever hope to hear and the tequila one could ever hope to drink.

It was such a blast, that Leykis asked if I wanted to appear once a month on his show, and I one-upped him: I would, from now on, only do ¡Ask a Mexican! on his program in Southern California. He agreed, and I'll be taking live questions on Mexicans the last Wednesday of every month starting THIS Wednesday.

In a way, it's like coming back home. I first started doing ¡Ask a Mexican! in 2005 on the late, great Al Rantel Show, which I had to stop once host Al Rantel announced his retirement in 2009. Al and Tom are longtime pals dating back to their days as rival Miami DJs who'd prank each other back in the 1980s (and Leykis, in fact, helped Rantel get a job here in Southern California back in Tom's KFI days). The ¡Ask a Mexican! bit had its staying power–other homes for it were Joe Escalante's much-missed morning show on the much-missed terrestrial Indie 103.1, KPFK, the occasional Spanish-language radio, and one infamous night on KFI in 2007–but it's Leykis who has been the biggest fan on the air, and one of my best radio friends off the air.

I want to take this time to thank the other longtime home of Radio ¡Ask a Mexican!, the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ-FM 106.7. I did their show monthly for a couple of years, until they once told me that management wanted them to play more music and have fewer guests–maybe that was a nice way of saying they were executing the broadcast version of a deportation? Maybe, but they've always been very gracious in acknowledging on the air that they're ripping me off whenever they do one of their “Ask a…” segments, so I will miss them (class guys off the air, btw–their whole crew, actually). But it's the Professor who's down, so it's Leykis' audience who'll get the DESMADRE. Tune in tomorrow at 4pm PST here, and Tom–blow me up LATINO STYLE!

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