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Illustration by Mark DancyDear Mexican,

My respect for the Democrats will be in negative numbers if they let Alberto González get confirmed. Geez, Mexicans will steal your car and your civil liberties. They will ruin your neighborhood AND your Constitution. Why do Mexicans fuck everything up, whether they're working for a strawberry grower or the president?

A former MEChista

Dear Pocho,

You seem disturbed at the prospects of González becoming the country's first Latino Attorney General; follow the lead of such Latino advocacy groups as LULAC, the National Council of la Raza, the Hispanic National Bar Association and the Mexican American National Association, and be proud! If you can say one good thing about our current administration, it's that it doesn't reserve the monumental, national, security-threatening fuck-ups solely to the gabachos. Look at Condoleeza Rice, the country's first female African-American Secretary of State and a woman who single-handedly could start World War III. Consider Colin Powell, son of Jamaican immigrants, the man who spun Dubya's WMD lies before the UN. Then there's Korean-American John Yoo, who wrote the memos for the Bush administration justifying torture of terrorist suspects and assisted González in the latter's defense of said memos. And Little Saigon's own Viet Dinh was the author of the USA PATRIOT Act. Now, just as Mexicans are finally going to have the same chance to destroy our freedoms, you want to take it away. Pinche pendejo,haven't you ever heard of the Land of Opportunity, a magical place where any hard-working immigrant has the opportunity to rise to a position where they can limit the opportunities of others?

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