¡Ask a Comida Critic! Anything Good in the Anaheim Hills Area?

Asked via Facebook, but I'm paraphrasing:

So, I have a dear friend whom I'm taking out to dinner. It has to be around Anaheim Hills, though. Any recommendations? Can't be too expensive!

Rosine's is a classic out there, but if you want great Middle Eastern cuisine, just go into the lowlands of Anaheim. Edwin loved Canyon, but the price might be a bit much for stretched wallets. Other than that? Sorry, but Anaheim Hills can't match us lowlanders for cuisine.

Neither does neighboring Yorba Linda, for that matter. But I recommended to my Facebook amiga to arrange her dinner date at Supatra's Thai Bistro. I reviewed it years ago, but the Weekly's wonderful search engine says I didn't. Doesn't matter: I've been happy to see the restaurant expand in its shopping plaza experience, always offering the same excellent curries. Thai Nakorn or Bangkok Taste it is not, but this is a welcome outpost of relief in OC's culinary hinterlands.

The recommendation, by the way? My amiga loved it.

Supatra's Thai Bistro, 21560 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda, (714) 693-2888; www.supatrasthai.com.

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