¡Ask a Comida Critic! A Good Mimosa Near the Coast?

From Twitter, from a gal whose name I can't remember, whose question I can't quote verbatim because it's buried under a pile of tweets, but went like this:

Where can I find a good mimosa near the beach?

Actually, she first asked about a good mimosa, period. I recommended Memphis at the Santora in SanTana, winner of our Best Brunch from last year. For a pittance, you get bottomless mimosas–fizzy, sweet, dangerous.

But the gal wanted a mimosa near the beach, so . . .

I must admit I'm not a mimosa drinker–it's my chica who imbibes them like a regular human needs water. An optimal coastal mimosa needs to take more into account than just the drink–indeed, the mimosa becomes an afterthought because how high-falutin' can champagne and orange juice really get? Back Bay Bistro offers great views, but the crowd is stuffy Newport–pass. The atmosphere is better at the River's End in Seal Beach, that great little shack–but the only problem I'd have with a mimosa lunch there is that I doubt you want to take your girlfriends for a view of the mouth of the San Gabriel River.

You want luxury, class, an experience–why not the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel? If you demand a froufrou drink, why not froufrou to the max? The estate, of course, is legendary, as is the Sunday brunch, now under the caring eye of Raya. It's a pricey $65, sure, but when you want to live champagne wishes, you gotta pay caviar prices.

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