Artson Brings His Path to Hip-Hop Full Circle With the E.A.R.T.H. EP

If Long Beach-based rapper Artson has one major skill besides rapping, it’s self-reflection. Over the last few months, he’s released three EPs that give fans of his golden-era inspired flows a roadmap to his entire life in 16 songs. Each track is a paving stone that lays out his journey from being a B-boy growing up in El Paso, Texas obsessed with street life to a small business owner of the newly opened, hip-hop holistic lifestyle store H.O.M.E.  in Long Beach—part autobiographical, part spiritual and always honest. 

This first in the trio of EPs, Reverse Through Time, (released March 4th) is a look back into the street life the rapper once lived, now told to heal old wounds and make amends. War Cry (released April 8th) reflects a man in transition, awaking to a greater purpose through hip-hop, but still walking the narrow line between his street life past and his dream of a better future. On E.A.R.T.H. (which we now present to you below) brings the rapper’s life full circle, reconnecting to the spirit of his Native American ancestors and bringing them back to life through hip-hop. 

The EP, which official dropped last Friday, is a five-track amalgam of acrobatic bars and indigenous  sounds from hand drums to Native American chants that bring a cultural backdrop to the tracks that complements the content of the songs without being overbearing. Stream the full EP below.

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