[Trendzilla] The Latest Gossip at Target? Anna Sui!

The Latest Anna Sui Gossip

The giant Target store on Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa opens at 8 a.m. Mondays through Fridays.

I know this because INve been there at 8 a.m. four times: When the store debuted its collections by Orla Kiely, Erin Fetherston, Alexander McQueen—and, on Sept. 13, Anna Sui.

For whatever reason, Sui—known for her vintage-inspired aesthetic that clearly takes an influence from rock N roll—has decided to model the collection after the four main characters on the CWNs Gossip Girl series: Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Jenny Humphrey and Vanessa Abrams. The show follows the lives of wealthy, backstabbing Upper East Side teens and has, at least for some time last fall, inspired what was hitting the stores. Did you notice the “prep-school chic” look exploding all over your local Wet Seal this time last year? The exaggerated private-school uniforms, tartan skirts, tweed coats, tights, shrunken blazers?

“When I was in Asia last year, girls kept asking me about the different areas in New York City by referring to them as where the characters from Gossip Girl live,” says Sui. “The show is such a phenomenon and so fashionable, so I really wanted to create a collection reflective of the four main characters.”

Though SuiNs collection is, thankfully, a squillion times better than any outfit on any half-hour television show about evil, evil 17-year-olds, she says the pieces for Target reflect the city of Manhattan through classic silhouettes and minimalist geometric prints. Best of all, SuiNs biggest influence on her Target collection seems to be the designer herself: She has taken favorite, flawless pieces from past collections like the pirate dress and the square shift print and updated them for affordability. But really? They look practically identical.

With most pieces—sans just a couple of coats—falling below the $59.99 line, this finally gives die-hard Sui fans the chance to own something by their favorite designer thatNs not a bottle of rose-scented nail polish or lip gloss.

Standout pieces from the Target collection include the metallic jacquard dress in multicolored circles ($59.99); the bohemian-print (thereNs that word again), silk, labryinth tunic ($49.99); and the metallic boucle dress ($69.99). The “Serena-inspired” outfits seem to be my favorites, though I think INll pretend Gossip Girl had nothing to do with any of this.

Act fast because you know itNs going to sell out quick. The collection leaves stores Oct. 17.

Anyway: By the time youNve read this, INve probably cleaned out every Target in the area for one of everything in my size. And most of what youNre looking for is probably going to end up on eBay thanks to enterprising assholes.

Good luck.


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