[Trendzilla] Necklush Life

When it feels silly writing anything thatNs not a cover letter or rNsumN these days, you know itNs bad.

Everyone has heard that “hemlines go up in a boom, down in a recession.” Pre-Depression, flappers and their hemlines went playfully just above the knee. Afterward, the somber mood of the country was reflected with austerity and floor-skimming skirts. The long, hippie frocks of the N70s trailed N60s minis.

This time around, though, not so much: Spring 2009 runways revealed still-short hemlines. Blissful ignorance?

So youNve given up your daily cup of Starbucks—$1.80 per day, $54 per month, $648 per year—and have forfeited the fancy organic produce and weekly trips to Whole Foods. YouNve even started to save some dough by, uh, “pre-drinking” PBR at your house before hitting so-and-soNs show or the club or bar or whatever—with a flask.

And at this point, all the cute fashion-mag spreads on recessionista-ism (in December, Vogue discovered the wonders of Target and Wal-Mart—awwww) arenNt so cute anymore.

There are a few real ways to deal with your preexisting wardrobe, and sorry, but yeah, the reality is you probably shouldnNt be shopping either way. But for that splurge here and there? Look no further than to accessories.

ThatNs right: YouNre going to have to wear the same coat as last year. And those same sweaters, knee-high boots and suede flats. ItNs going to be okay. Fashion really hasnNt evolved much these past few years.

Instead, just add on some new touches. A new scarf, a new necklace, a knit hat or cocktail ring are perfect (and perfectly affordable) ways to update yourself.

Scarves are a great way to add color, layers and sophistication to your outfit. Best yet, theyNre fun and multifunctional; you can wear them in a few different ways—more for your buck.

My favorite discovery this winter has been the Necklush (necklush.etsy.com, $40-$65). It is a circle scarf of sorts that consists of dozens of freeform cotton loops that you can hang around your neck as a necklace or a scarf; or you can even perch it a little higher, as a headband. (I know, I know.)

Drape it for a cowl-neck effect, or simply loop two or three times around as a warm scarf. It looks great with anything from your basic black-wool winter coats to cardigans and even basic tees.

Necklushes are handmade. You can wear them a lot of ways. And youNll stand out from the crowd of oblivious Keffiyeh-wearing look-alikes.

But one thingNs for sure: This recession is finally going to repave our connections to our goods. We want the best buys possible made out of the best material possible. ItNs a whole new consciousness of materialism: Stop buying crap.


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