What the hell happened?

How is it September again?

September means summer is almost over—that magical, lovely time of the year when all the fashion weirdoes start building up their stupidly expensive fall/winter wardrobes, the students mourn, the music festivals with interchangeable lineups end and, if you're like me, the depression kicks in because I hate crawling out of bed when it's not even 70 degrees out.

September's also the time for last-ditch efforts to savor the warm weather with a veritable deluge of pool parties and barbecues. Everyone's scrambling around, attempting to make the most of what's left.

People talk about how much they love the winter—waxing poetic about hand-knit wool scarves, cups of hot cocoa, Christmas, pea coats, and how the fucking rain sounds against their window panes or something.

You're all crazy.

From a strictly superficial viewpoint, it's just too damn difficult to look good when it's cold out. While we here in Southern California are lucky that a hoodie is good enough for even February temperatures, think of the massive, heavy layers you'd have to don elsewhere. Besides, a good coat just costs way too much.

And so it is: I love the summertime. Throw on a dress, some sandals, a T-shirt or jeans, and you're good.

So let's try this again: Remember what I said about guys not having a lot of clothing options, let alone warm-weather clothing? Pool parties and barbecues are the best showcases of this—most dudes tend to stick to saggy Rip Curl board shorts, ill-fitting denim shorts, wifebeaters and tees.

And how many times have you heard a guy remark that he'd rather wear a full-on pair of jean pants than look “faggy” (true story—don't you love American youth?) in shorts? While some males opt for reeeally short shorts, like the way-too-popular American Apparel track shorts, that route isn't for the hairy-legged or faint of heart.

This dude, spotted at Summer Pool Party No. 15, has achieved a happy medium. The striped, yellow-and-green slim-fit tank top lengthens him. The cute olive-green military cap looks good andblocks the sun, and the rolled-up gunmetal-gray jeans were just practical enough that he didn't roast.

See, guys? He looks good. Hip, even. And he's not all covered-up.

And there's that can of Bud, which goes great with any season.

—Vickie Chang

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