Just what we need: another trend that'll only look good on the tall, gorgeous and anorexic.

Just as skinny jeans reach their all-time skyrocketing popularity–the jig's up, you're no longer unique; even K-Mart hocks 'em–a new style of pants steps off the catwalks of Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Fendi and others, right into our malls.

Wide-legged trousers, however, are a lot trickier to master than their narrow, drainpiped siblings. There are lots of things to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of wide-legged pants. Like everything else in fashion, the wide-legged phenom is a rehash from earlier decades. With roots set deep in a nautical past, the style is ingrained in every vision of the late, great Katherine Hepburn (another of those tall, gorgeous types–though we love Kate), who often paired hers with heels and tucked-in flouncy blouses.

The fit's probably the most important thing when hunting down the right pair. Wide, but not too wide, and not too tight–they've got to be equally spacious throughout the entirety of your legs, including your thighs, or else they'll end up looking like lumpy mompants. Make sure you choose the right material–the perfect fabric will breezily fit right over your legs and still not flap in the wind.

The length should be a bit too long, as they should always be worn with heeled boots, platforms or heels–unless you want to look dumpier and stubbier than you really are. Most wide-legged pants should also be somewhat high-waisted, hitting somewhere around or under your belly button. Avoid anything that hits right under your boobs–as a general rule, anythingcrammed beneath your rack, including wide belts, just isn't flattering.

Tuck your shirt in. Proportion is really important when pants consist of 70 percent of your overall outfit, so it's probably best to avoid baggier tops with no structure.

Avoid wide-legged denim, lest you wish to look costumey, and thus like an extra from That 70's Show.

In fact, I'd say that this girl spotted at a Modest Mouse show got it all right: chocolate brown corduroy pants that sit higher up on the waist; a simple striped and fitted turtleneck; and over that, a cropped leather bomber jacket with the hemline creating perfect proportions.

But then again, she has that whole tall/gorgeous/skinny trifecta going on.

I'm serious about the height thing: the 5-foot Mary-Kate Olsen recently stepped out in a fabulously tailored, belted-and-pinstriped pair that seemed to swallow the usually stylish twin right up.

I guess the rest of us normals can stick to drainpipes for now.

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