Arte Moreno Threatening to Move Angels to…Tustin?!

It's now officially the silly season for your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, as owner Arte Moreno is now acting like the billionaire baby he is. Anaheim officials aren't immediately giving him acres of land near Angels Stadium to fund what the Halos insist are much-needed upgrades to Angels Stadium–never mind that Disney refurbished the stadium about 20 years ago. So what has Moreno decided to do? Approach Tustin officials to start discussions about moving the Big A down the 5-to-the-55 and park it on the long-abandoned Tustin Marine Corps Air Station.

Um, what?


The Los Angeles Times broke the story over the President's Day weekend, on the same day that Orange County Register columnist TJ Simers eviscerated Anaheim councilwoman (and fellow 2013 OC Scariest People inductee with Moreno) Kris Murray as a “country bumpkin” and “Chicken Little Councilwoman” for kowtowing to the Angels' every corporate welfare need. Predictably, Moreno's biggest defenders in the pathetic charade that passes as Orange County's blogosphere, Matt Cunningham (who outed sex-abuse victims and ridiculed grieving mothers) and Dan Chmielewski (a perpetually insufferable pendejo who's at his insufferable-est when writing about baseball and recently used the passing of Angels legend Jim Fregosi to slam his opponents)) are joining Murray in screaming that the sky is falling for Anaheim.

Moreno's tantrum is hilarious, especially since Tustin is the Garden Grove of OC: a hick town always dreaming high with publicly subsidized projects that go nowhere. Then again, maybe Tustin deserves the Angels. Any move by Tustin to woo the Angels would no doubt involve giving Moreno the land he wants to not only build a stadium, but to then develop to fund construction. That amounts to a giveaway into the hundreds of millions of dollars to a billionaire. And it would be wonderful for Tustin's super-majority Republican council–as dimwitted a collection of public officials as you can find in OC–to justify their corporate welfare while slashing funding all across town for the city's increasing poor. Hey, Arte: can you do an Irwindale on Tustin and hose those losers for a couple mil?

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