Arsonists Get All the Girls

When discussing the genres of hardcore and death metal, most people tend to find themselves out of the loop. Especially when it comes to the death genre. But shit has changed a lot; each of the past 10 years has brought newer hybrids and genre mash-ups. Nobody demonstrates this change better than Arsonists Get All the Girls. Yes, they have the growling, screaming, barely understandable vocals as well as the furious grinds so integral to this style of music. But they have something totally disparate and refreshing to go along with it: proggish synthesizers and game-changing melodic breaks that don’t remind you of all the flat-ironed dudes from Fearless Records. Imagine King Crimson, Rush and Cannibal Corpse jamming together after an orgy. Feel the rock, the death and the love.

Sun., Jan. 23, 7 p.m., 2011

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