Arresting Arrested Development non-developments

Mitch Hurwitz, the pride of Estancia High who created the fab but now sadly departed Arrested Development, which had been the best show set in Orange County until that reality knock-off Coto de Desperate Housewives came out, tells Entertainment Weekly that wrestling and an animated Saturday morning cartoon called Arrested Development Babies may be in his future.

He's kidding about at least one of those.

There is one telling quote, though. Hurwtiz tells the interviewer that it was not Fox pulling the plug on his show so much as his running out of good enough ideas to maintain the high quality. “I did look into whether there was enough financial incentive to say, 'To hell with health, to hell with my family, and to hell with fans' expectations for quality. Is there enough money to let me sell out and do this?' And I'm happy to say there wasn't.”

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