Aron Habiger Returning to OC for Pop-Up Series!

We saw a familiar face the other weekend at our Fresh Toast brunch event working on the line at the Taco María booth: Chef Aron Habiger, formerly of The Crosby and The North Left and someone whose manly-yet-delicate cooking we can never get enough of. He was helping out Taco María head Carlos Salgado and Eric Samaniego (formerly of The Little Sparrow—someone give Eric a restaurant already!) to get back in the groove of things for a series of pop-ups he’ll be doing in Orange County in the coming months.

The first one happened yesterday at 4th Street Market in SanTana, a seven-course extravaganza featuring former Crosby mate Linh Nguyen and Habiger’s eternal pastry homegirl, Ashley Guzman. It had sold out within hours of announcing, but we caught up briefly with Habiger in 4th Street Market’s test kitchens, and he said more are forthcoming. Interested? Follow Habiger on Instagram. We’ll plug them and even get to them once we get word. In the meanwhile: Aron? Come back home for good, son!

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