Ariano is Not Going Back, Only Moving Forward on His Latest Album

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It's a new day musically for Ariano with the release of Everything You Can't Take With You, the rapper/singer's anticipated solo effort. The Huntington Beach-based artist strikes an inspirational tone on the album with tracks like “You Can Be Anything,” “New Day” and “Make Your Dreams Happen.” (Peep all the songs here: Released by independent record label Technicali Sound and produced by longtime collaborator LD, the album explores new beats for Ariano's husky vocals and soul searching lyrics. “I'm not afraid of dying / I'm more afraid of wasting my day / And not
trying,” he rhymes on the uplifting opener”Not Going Back.”

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Look for Everything You Can't Take With You on iTunes, but I came up on the physical copy at Bionic Records in Buena Park! The underground MC, who has collaborated in the past with the likes of Snoop Dogg and the Visionaries, speaks more about his latest work after the music video jump!

On what song best represents the therapeutic themes of the album:

“They say the world is ending / They tell us that love is gone / They want you to think that it's over but the truth is we have only begun.” These lyrics are taken from the song, “You Can Be Anything”. If there is one theme on this album, it is triumphing through adversity. It is not a painful album. It is more of the soundtrack to healing and moving forward.”

On rhyming and singing over LD's change up on the beats:

“Well, LD has had his hands on about 90% of my production on most of my material throughout my career. The difference with this album is that it is a much more up-tempo and progressive driven album. It showcases LD's growth musically and my growth as a singer and songwriter. Although I don't rap as much on this album, it is still a hip-hop record with rock soul and pop blended in all of the tracks. This album is a declaration of where I have come and where I am going. It is a great snapshot into the pictures that we are taking with our music!”

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