Are You Musician Enough to Accept OC Weekly’s Great Cover Song Challenge?

Hey Orange County musicians! If we asked you to agree to cover a song, without knowing in advance what song or even what artist, would you be brave enough to do it? I mean, we’re not calling you chicken or anything – you gotta do YOU, y’know? – but if you think you have the guts to take on the challenge, then message the contest coordinator and long-time Weekly contributor Victor Infante (or email him at vi************@gm***.com) on July 25 and he’ll give you a song and fill you in on the details: But be warned … the last time Victor did this, the subject was Phil Collins … what on Earth could he have in store next!?!?

There aren’t many rules: The artist/band will be given a song to cover. They will have no say in the matter, and the choice cannot be appealed.

The artist/band will record a cover of the song in any manner they deem fit, with an eye for finding some way to uncover the good in the song. ANYONE can mock a bad song, but finding someway to make an ostensibly bad song awesome? THAT’S a challenge!

The artist/band will upload the cover to someplace with an embeddable player — Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, et al — by Aug. 25. Victor will write about the pieces afterward for OC Weekly.
So c’mon. What’s the worst that can happen?

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