Are They Joshing or is Hamilton's Wife Really Real Housewives of Orange County-Bound?

First they came for the wife of a former Athletic, and I did not speak out–Because, duh, the A's are in freakin' Oakland, who cares?


Real Housewives of Orange County Catches Former Angels Outfielder Jim Edmonds

Then they came for the wife of a former Angel, and I did not speak out–Because that ex-Halo is more associated with St. Louis and Budweiser gives me a headache.

But then The Real Housewives of Orange County came for the wife of a current Angel–and there was no one left to speak for the storied franchise Papa Gene started.

Never saw this one coming: Katie Chadwick Hamilton, the wife of the Born Again chaperoned addict and ungodly overpaid near Angel bust Josh Hamilton, is joining The Real Housewives of Orange County, “an insider close to production” reportedly told

She will be joined by another new housewife, ex-Angel Jim Edmonds' old lady Meghan King Edmonds, who along with Katie shares “shady pasts,” according to Radar. (I care not enough to search out what is meant by this.)

We'd mentioned here earlier this month that Mrs. Edmonds was RHOC bound and that rumors were swirling about a return of former Playboy Playmate Jenna Keough, who is the estranged wife of retired A's hurler Matt Keough.

Heading into the season being taped now, all kinds of scenarios were swirling in the gossip and reality TV junkie media about Bravo wanting to make cast changes because RHOC ratings were sagging like uncarved-up lady chests.

Pundits, unnamed people said to be in the know and–how'd they put it again? Oh yes–insiders close to production said behind-the-scenes casting calls were being made to the wives of famous Orange County-based athletes, including Vanessa Bryant, Kobe's wife, who later tweeted or Instagrammed or smoke signaled (can't remember) that she had declined the invitation.

Even after Bravo brought last season's cast back and shooting began, the usual suspects circulated new reports claiming producers have not been happy about the footage and were hellbent on stirring up the pot on the pioneer of the network's Real Housewives franchise before April's premiere.

And so we come to this. Hell, the way the Angels and most especially Josh Hamilton have gone since he got here, if it takes reality television un-reality to kick him in the wallet so he'll–as he recently vowed to do–hit .300, 30 homers and 100 RBI next season, it'll be worth it. Well, that and a return to the Fall Classic, of course.

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