Are Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina Giving Sarah Palin Cold Padded Shoulders?

As Bubba ties up Santa Ana traffic and rallies the Democrats behind his former foe Jerry Brown, his brown amiga Loretta Sanchez and that San Francisco mayor with the hair today, Anaheim is bracing for a traffic/media/politico crush Saturday with the arrival of Sarah Palin, plain and tall.

But two chicas skipping photo ops with the painted face of their Republican Party are California's GOP candidates for governor and U.S. senator, Meg “I Am Not a Whore” Whitman and Carly “Depends; How Much?” Fiorina.

Photo by Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Whitman: “Nope, sorry, too busy.”

The tech gazillionaires-turned-vanity candidates claim prior commitments prevent them from standing beside the Alaska governor's office short-timer, although Fiorina coyly slipped in this dig: Palin, she said, is coming to Anaheim to sell books not Fiorina's Senate bid.

Snnnnnap, girlfriend!

Whitman and Fiorina deny their absences have anything to do with a Field Poll that shows Palin has a 53 percent unfavorable rating and 33 percent favorable rating from all California voters.

When the poll isolated just Republican voters in the Golden State, Palin got a whopping 74 percent favorable opinion (while 19 percent in dissent proves teabaggers have not squeezed all intelligence out of the GOP).

While having Palin by their sides might have helped in the primaries, in the Nov. 2 general election Whitman and Fiorina will have to win sizable support from Democrats and independents if they want to topple their big-balled foes to the left (Brown and Barbara Boxer, respectively). However, the poll finds Palin is pooh-poohed by 79 percent of Dem voters and a whopping 69 percent of independents.

Goodness, gracious, how can this be when all those teabaggers who prop up Palin as their standard-bearer claim to be supported by Democrats, independents and Republicans? Ah, well, at least the 9 percent of Cali Dems and 25 percent of indies who hold favorable views of Palin prove intelligence extraction is not a single party phenomenon.

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