Arash “Ash” Durrani Must Stay Away from Airports Pending Court Date for Plane Outbursts

Arash “Ash” Durrani, the actor, model and former Costa Mesa resident who is accused of getting so drunk off his “Ash” that he disrupted a Sept. 25 United Airlines flight from Chicago to John Wayne Airport, now has an Oct. 22 court date in Santa Ana.

Released on a $50,000 bond posted by his brother Thursday, Durrani is expected to be charged with one federal count of interfering with a
flight crew that could draw up to 20 years in prison with a conviction.

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The 26-year-old is accused of pacing up and down the aisles for about the first 45
minutes of United Flight 473, grabbing women, scaring
children and harassing all ages along the way. At Durrani's indictment hearing, the co-star of the upcoming martial arts movie Duel of Legends (co-starring Irvine's Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) was further accused by the FBI of:

  • Leaving his coach seat for the first-class section during the pre-flight safety briefing, causing the demonstration to be cut short;
  • Refusing to turn off his cell phone once he was convinced to return to his seat;
  • Repeatedly asking for more alcohol from the flight crew;
  • Harassing female members of the flight crew and passengers, including one lady who was asked to sit on his lap and another he allegedly offered drugs to;
  • Yelling “I'm from Afghanistan and I will murder all of you” after once refused more drinks;
  • Threatening to beat up a male passenger who told Durrani to sit down;
  • And shouting “I'll murder all of you guys” as a pilot and several male passengers struggled to pin him down.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Frederick F. Mumm in Santa Ana found a more accommodating (and no doubt sober) Durrani agreeing to many conditions before his next arraignment hearing, including remaining confined to home via electronic monitoring, undergoing mental and drug testing and, for God's sake, staying away from airports and airplanes.

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