App-cessorize Your Wardrobe

“I don't rely on mirrors, so I always take Polaroids.” These were the wise words of Cher Horowitz in 1995's Clueless, the legendary high-school flick that made us all dream of a better closet (and a gay BFF, but that's another column). The stylish protagonist was amazing at using technology for the very important task of getting dressed (hello, outfit-sorting computer system!), and, well, she was onto something.

It's now 2013, and we have apps for that. Check out these four fashion tools for your iPhone or iPad that'll help you look like a total Betty. All are available on iTunes.


Entering a dressing room is akin to stepping into a box of self-doubt. Do these mint jeans really go with these orange wedges? Are the stripes working on this sweater? With this app, just snap an Instagram-like photo of yourself and get feedback from other users, professional stylists or your Facebook friends. You can also browse outfit ideas and shop the looks straight from your phone. Free.

Some call it OCD; others call it a godsend. With Stylebook, you build a digital catalog of your entire closet by taking a photo of each item. (It's not as tedious as it sounds.) The program automatically cuts out the background (neato!), allowing you to build new outfits. Chronicle your wardrobe each day, then review your “style stats,” revealing the pieces you wear most and the ones you should probably purge. $3.99.

It may not be as useful in Orange County as it is in, say, Fargo, but it's still a brilliant idea. As with other apps, Cloth lets you virtually organize your closet. But the Cloth Weather upgrade uses real-time data to pull outfits for the current conditions. You'll never go frolicking in a slipdress in pouring rain again. Cloth is free; Cloth Weather is a $0.99 add-on.

I love online shopping, but there's always that question: “Sure, this is cute, but will it look good on me?” Clothia lets you “try on” items from about 100 different brands via the webcam on your iPad. You can add pieces you covet to your “dream closet,” a curated collection of things you own and things you want. For iPad only. Free.

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