Anyone Seen These Dickwads?

The Buena Park Police Department is looking for the chaps above, caught by surveillance cameras before taking part in a brutal robbery of a Mobil mini-mart.

A strong-arm robbery report came in at 8:12 p.m. Saturday from the Mobil at 8510 Knott Ave.,
Buena Park

According to the
store clerk, two men came in acting
like regular customers, selecting merchandise and ponying up to the counter as if they were going
to pay.

Suddenly, one dude hopped the counter and began punching the clerk.
The second guy then joined in on the bashing before both grabbed cash out of the
register and fled.

The unidentified clerk was hurt, but hospitalization was not required.

The robbers were last seen driving off in a newer model, full-size pickup–possibly lowered and with tinted windows–heading westbound on Crescent Avenue.

Actually, that's not quite accurate; that pair was also later seen on closed circuit television, whose cameras caught images of them from several angles.

One bandit is described as having a medium complexion, possibly Pacific Islander, 20 to 30, 5 feet 9, 200-220 lbs. with a full
beard and mustache and wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt, gray shorts and gray high tops.

Because you always want to color-coordinate while pulling a robbery!

His compadre is described as having dark complexion, possibly Pacific Islander, 20 to 30, 5 feet 9, 200 lbs. and wearing a black “dew rag,” a black jacket and blue jeans.

If you know or think you know who these fellows are, contact BPPD Robbery/Homicide Detective Rick Pino at (714) 562-3966.

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