Anti-Mexican, Anti-Italian Ushers at Angels Stadium?

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Anti-Mexican racism at Angels Stadium of Anaheim isn't anything new, especially given how neo-Nazis troll the stadium's parking lots and pass out white-power music compilations after your Halos play. But actual ushers spouting off, with a Mexi as owner? That's what one Jose Gonzalez alleges.


The above video above isn't the clip I saw late last night, half-asleep on the KNBC-TV Channel 4 11
O'Clock news; the story
explaining everything is here
, with Gonzalez claiming the bushy man flipping the bird told him, “'You don't speak
English, get the fuck out,'” and his wife, “'You look like you speak English, why are
you with them?'”

Did the story happen? Gonzalez says so; the Angels are investigating. But what about the guy who was actually kicked out of the game, whom Gonzalez was trying to stand up for: James Galgano, your typical goombah Yankees fan, booted for allegedly drinking and swearing a bit much? Why is no one claiming anti-Italian sentiments against him? Ain't he the real victim for not being able to a be a boor like he can in his philosophical home, Yankees Stadium, in peace? And why won't people use this as proof that wabs have friends other than themselves? Inquiring minds want to know!

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