Anti-Immigrant Groups Want to Know if Ximena Meza's Alleged Killers Were Illegal Immigrants

Late last week, I got into a hilarious “conversation” with a representative from the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, the noxious anti-immigrant group classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. For some reason, the person thought I'd be friendly and let them know if the alleged murderers of nine-year-old Anaheim resident Ximena Meza were illegal immigrants.

I asked if it mattered. They said yes; I said no. Then the conversation devolved into the person professing that Christ had saved them, and that they would be praying for me…HA!


FAIR isn't the only Know Nothing trying to find out the immigration status of cholos Alfredo Miguel Aquino and Ricardo Cruz, currently in jail and waiting to get charged for Ximena's murder. KABC-AM 790 asked Anaheim Police Department spokersperson Bob Dunn about it last week; the far-right Breitbart News and boring-right radio host Laura Ingraham picked up that bit, with the latter urging her listeners to call the APD “and demand that they release the suspects' citizenship status. The American people deserve to know the truth.” And then, of course, are all the losers commenting on the Orange County Register website and even our own infernal blogs blaming her death on illegals.

Dunn, not surprisingly, has refused to give up the info–because it really doesn't matter. Do I have to get all ¬°Ask a Mexican! on everyone and explain why someone's legal status is as pertinent to a crime as hair color? Besides, these Know Nothings are shedding crocodile tears over a young girl who, as a Central American youngster, would've been on the receiving end of their venom over the summer, when the issue of child refugees was getting the Right hot and bothered.

There is one bright light in this sordid episode: it shows anew how the Right doesn't bother to practice journalism. The Weekly knows the answer to their question because we actually pulled records. Hey, pendejos: ain't that much, you know?

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