Anti-Foie Gras Activists to Picket Brasserie Pascal Tonight

The man above is Orange County's master of French food, Pascal Olhats (and the man who shot the photo is Jonathan Ho). Foie gras is a staple of French cuisine, and his Valentine's Day menu for Brasserie Pascal advertised a foie gras terrine and a Cornish game hen with a foie gras demi-glaze sauce. Hence, the headline. Details after the jump!
A group called the Animal Protection &
Rescue League
issued a press release this morning saying they're planning to protest the high-class eatery because Olhats gets his foie gras from farms that cruelly treat ducks. But that's not all.

“We have
been regularly attempting to contact chef Pascal Olhats about the force-feeding
cruelty involved in foie gras production since last November, with no response,” Executive Director Bryan Pease says in the APRL press release. “As he now has two foie gras dishes on his Valentine's
Day menu, we have no choice but to inform his customers of the animal torture
we have documented inside the foie gras farm he uses.”

The APRL claims in the press release they have convinced Hamamori to stop using foie gras on its menu. We'll see about that. . . . In the meanwhile, nothing like pictures of beat-up animals with which to sway your honey over a good Cabernet!

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