Anthony Jeselnik

Over just the past handful of years, Anthony Jeselnik has established himself as a rising-star in the comedy world. With influences such as Mitch Hedberg and Steven Wright, the 35-year-old comic cut his teeth (career-wise) on Comedy Central Presents alongside the likes of Donald Glover, Nick Kroll, Whitney Cummings and Aziz Ansari. His brand of observational insult humor caught on with fans and led to his own show on the same network. Although The Jeselnik Offensive was 86’d after only two seasons, this Pittsburgh-native’s popularity remains sky-high. And that's because of the unique thing about the comic’s live show: If you’re aware the villainous persona he adopts onstage is just an act, then you’ll see the light behind Jeselnik’s darkness.

Thu., March 27, 8 p.m., 2014

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