Anthony Bourdain Moving To CNN

Anthony Bourdain has been everywhere, eaten everything, and held various titles of increasing influence, including Executive Chef at a NYC restaurant, best-selling author, Emmy-winning travel show host, and publisher. Now the man who makes news with his exploits and quips (see his comments on the Paula Deen thing) is going to be on the news. I mean, he's REALLY going to be on the news. Yes, Bourdain's getting his own show on CNN and leaving the Travel Channel.


CNN announced it like this:

Launching in early 2013, the show will be shot on location and examine cultures from around the world through their food and dining and travel rituals. Slated to air domestically on Sundays in prime time with repeat airings on Saturday nights, it will mark a further step in broadening and distinguishing CNN's weekend programming from its traditional weekday news coverage.

If the new show ends up being a lot like his other ones, where he shows more exotic food at exotic places but still gives the outspoken chef an outlet to needle Paula Deen and Sandra Lee, that's just fine by us.

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