Anthony Bourdain in Cerritos Tonight!

This post is for those of you who have this blog bookmarked on Google Reader and do not actually venture anywhere else in our paper but here. There are, believe or not, other sections of this rag and its web site, and some of those have food-related news, such as the indispensable Calendar of Events.

For example, tonight, you No Reservations fans might be interested to know that Anthony Bourdain will be at the Cerritos Center at 8 p.m. for a talk/lecture. Tickets are $60-$90, but goddamn if the man ain't entertaining. Sure he's on just about every food-related program out there, especially the current Top Chef, but this travel-show host still managed to throw funnier zingers this week as a Top Chef guest-judge than Jimmy Fallon did last week.

And Tony, if you're reading, drive a few miles south will you? We've got this hamlet called Little Saigon here, and we know how you love pho.

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