Another Thing to Avoid on Laguna Woods Streets: a Sobriety Checkpoint

Anyone who regularly motors through a retirement community like Laguna Woods knows to take a defensive-driving posture. Signal-free lane changes, inconsistent relationships with gas and brake pedals, and overall blind-as-a-fruit-bat driving are common the closer you get to old-age homes.

Tonight, drivers have something else to worry about . . .

. . . a DUI checkpoint.

“I SAID, 'HAVE YOU HAD ANYTHING TO DRINK THIS EVENING, MA'AM!'” you can imagine the inquiring copper shouting through the glass to a granny holding an ear cone.

“Yes, it is cold enough for a mink wrap this evening, sonny,” she might answer back.


“No, Lutheran.”

The Orange County Sheriff's Department, which runs this circus from 6:30 tonight through 2:30 a.m. Saturday, isn't saying exactly where they will be setting up in Laguna Woods. But I'd be suspicious of anyone out on the streets after 9 p.m. That's when TV Land starts its Everybody Loves Raymond block

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