Another Summer Night at Angel Stadium [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Yeah, your Anaheim Angels of Anaheim won last night, 4-2, against the Cincinnati Reds, in a stadium that was less than three-quarters full. And that victory was the Halos' fourth in a row…which puts them just 16 games under .500. Success!

On that note, this week's “Orange Feathers” editorial cartoon took on this stinker of a season. Let Bob Aul tell you more…

I’ll spare you the agony of having to endure rabid sports fans yammering endlessly about the achievements of others: The Angels are apparently having a bad year. As it goes with most teams historically (except maybe the Cubs), there’s a chance next season will be better.

This is as diplomatic a commentary on the Angels as you'll ever read in these pages…HA!

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