Another Ramen Joint To Debut In Irvine

A new ramen joint is close to opening in the same plaza that already has Irvine's arguably most popular pho restaurant, Pho Ba Co (previously Pho Bac), on Barranca near Culver. And for once a new restaurant has the good sense of putting up a menu on the window. And not just a menu, a picture one.

From it we can deduce it won't be just a ramen purveyor, but an all purpose Japanese restaurant, featuring a few rolls, a host of bentos, and rice bowls topped with meat.

The smallness of the place suggests that this will be unlike Mizuki. The sleepiness of the plaza suggests it won't be as crowded as Ajisen.

Wanna see what the menu looks like? Go on. Click below.

Special thanks to our friend and tipster Brekkie Fan for the scoop.


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