Another Orange Crushpocalypse Tonight (Oct. 3)!

Image courtesy City of Santa Ana

If you’re doing anything that requires you to travel through the SR-22/SR-57/I-5 interchange tonight (we’re talking this evening, Thursday, Oct. 3 through Friday, Oct. 4), then you might want to think again. That’s because CalTrans will be closing a lot of that to do safety work on the SR-22 freeway.

Specifically, there will be a “full closure of westbound SR-22 from Main Street up to the La Veta Avenue (near Bristol Street On-ramp), a full closure of eastbound SR-22 Collector-Distributor Road from Fairview Avenue to SR-57, and the northbound I-5 to westbound SR-22 Connector will be closed from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the next morning,” according to a City of Santa Ana news release sent out today.

Here’s a breakdown of the closures, and instructions on how you can avoid getting stuck in a mess:

• The westbound On-ramp for Main Street will be closed
• To access westbound SR-22, use the La Veta Avenue On-ramp near Bristol Street
• The eastbound On ramps for Fairview Avenue, The City Drive, and Bristol Street will be closed
• To access eastbound SR-22, use the Main Street On-ramp
• To exit eastbound SR-22, use either the Fairview Avenue or The City Drive Off-ramps
• To access northbound or southbound I-5, use the Main Street I-5 On-ramps
• To access northbound SR-57, use either the Main Street northbound I-5 or Chapman Avenue SR-57 On-ramps
• To access SR-22 westbound from I-5 northbound, use the SR-57 northbound connector, exit Orangewood Avenue, go west (left) and use the SR-57 southbound On-ramp to westbound SR-22.

Got all that? Anyway, click here for more information on this and other CalTrans freeway closures.


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