Another Great Santa Ana Restaurant Suffers a Murder

Sigh . . . we here at SaFII know, love, extol the beauty of Santa Ana, the county's dynamic seat, fight the wrong perceptions of many Orange Countians that it's a cesspool, a place dangerous to visit even during the day (we're also the city's fiercest critic over at our Navel Gazing blog, but that's another story). Seriously: SanTana's food virtues are legion, from the Crosby to Lonchera Lane, Mother's Market to Las Brisas de Apatzingan.

And then pendejos have to come and muck it up by committing senseless murders at or near restaurants–and not just any restaurants, but great hole-in-the-walls we've reviewed. ARGH . . .

Last night, a murder happened in the parking lot of Taquería Zamora, where I had lunch with Javier not even a week ago. A month ago, another murder happened at Taquería Tapatía; in February, Mariscos Ola. And in October, at Panadería La Chapina. This list doesn't include Lindo Michoacan off Fifth and Newhope; before it burnt down last year, never to reopen, there were too many gunshots, fights and other desmadre occurring there to even bother documenting.

These crimes will undoubtedly be used by Know Nothings to further paint Santa Ana as a Third World blot on the rest of glorious Orange County and drive down business at each. To those who might be scared: relax. Nothing will happen. I've gone to La Chapina and Tapatia many times since the murders, and I will visit Zamora this week. Use the same caution as you use in day-to-day life. And to any prospective murderers: PLEASE keep your dirty work away from businesses who inevitably have to suffer your stupidity. Better yet? Don't murder. Whatever happened to the days of putazos to settle scores?

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