Another Former Robert Morey Parishioner Leaves

When someone leaves a Christian congregation, they usually do it quietly. Not so those who leave Faith Community Church, the Irvine place of worship led by “Dr.” Robert Morey, the resume-stretching “expert” on Islam and emerging cult-of-personality preacher with a fabulous hairdo and fanatical teachings. There are at least three people I know who openly blog about Morey, much to his irritation. Now, add a fourth: Glenn Hendrickson. Now, I usually don't cover church member comings-and-goings, but Hendrickson's ordeal is telling of Morey's bellicosity and my monitoring of FCC. To quote from Glenn's Saturday post:

On Thursday of this week I resigned my membership from Faith Community Church. Without sharing all of the details of how exactly I came to take this action I think it would be good for me to clearly state why I did what I did. In the process of an email conversation with Robert Morey I was accused of sins which I had not committed. Morey said a lot of hurtful things, and even stooped so low as to accuse me of sending an email to other members of the church that I had never sent or heard of. I asked him to forward me this email and *surprise surprise* I have not heard from him in two days.

WTF? Accusing someone of sinning, but not saying which? Any good Christian who heard their pastor treat a member of the flock like this would leave their church. Let's hope more follow Glenn's lead. And, as always, Morey bashers and his defenders are welcome to wail away below!

In the meanwhile, dig this Morey video. Dig the sashaying!

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