Anonymous Tinkers With Orange County Sign in the Name of Occupy OC

We thought we'd share this pic, which we spotted on the Occupy OC Twitter feed today–this is the Occupy OC associated with the upcoming Santa Ana march happening at noon on the west side of the Ronald Reagan Federal Building this Saturday.

The photo shows a group of three mischief-makers wearing V for Vendetta masks sitting on the Orange County sign, which greets motorists headed southbound on the 5 South freeway at the entrance of Buena Park. Check out the full image after the jump.

Truly the picture doesn't provide these shenanigans with proper justice. In person, this sign is massive–it has to be to grab the attention of cars zipping by at 65 MPH-plus.

We're not sure of the size of the cajones a person needs  to scale a towering public structure so close to patrolling CHP cruisers and drunk drivers where no human being has any city, county or state-sanctioned business. But it goes without saying, they're immense, and these guys, or girls, have them. Check out the ladder on the right side of the frame.

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